YouboXx set anthracite for DISPENSA-X, junior, Swing / Kesseböhmer


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Kesseböhmer YouboXx – for perfect organization

The YouboXxen system is designed in such a way that it does not require any supporting shelves. Each YouboXx can be placed anywhere in the pull-out, hanging freely on the crossbar. The position can be changed at any time. All YouboXxes are fully compatible with each other and can be inserted, moved and removed with one handle. Ideal for making work processes in the kitchen even faster and more practical.

The YouboXx set was developed as a system for the entire DISPENSA family. The crossbar for hanging the YouboXxen is simply hooked into the frame. By rotating 180 degrees, the grid can be reduced from 100 mm to 50 mm – for even better use of storage space.

Available in different versions.


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