eTouch+ electronic drivmotor for DISPENSA-VVSx, CONVOY Centro / Premio pharmacy pull-outs / Kesseböhmer


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Kesseböhmer eTouch+ electronic cabinet opening support for DISPENSA-VVSx and CONVOY Centro / Premio pharmacy drawers

Cabinets have never been so easy and elegant to open – pressing against the front with your hand or knee triggers a fully automatic, gentle and harmonious opening process. Electrically supported, reliable, low-noise – and in every desired place in the kitchen. Regardless of whether it is a tall cabinet or a wall cabinet: eTouch+ works in perfect harmony with the proven Kesseböhmer pull-out and lift systems. That”s why you can easily retrofit eTouch+! Depending on the fittings, the cupboards can not only be opened, but also closed! In addition to the increase in convenience, eTouch+ also offers new options for kitchen planning. Cabinets that can be opened effortlessly without handles meet the trend of reduced design and consistent surfaces. Above all, eTouch+ makes daily kitchen work much easier.

Electronic movement support
Opening gap 44 mm
Suitable for DISPENSA VVS-x, CONVOY Centro, CONVOY Premio
Suitable for all cabinet widths – can be retrofitted
Power cable with EU DIN plug
Power supply for front sensor: battery CR 2032 3V (included)

Drive features:
Power connection on the device side: barrel plug 2.5/5.5 mm, 1.5 m cable black
Supply voltage: 24 VDC, ≥ 1.5 A
Rated power: 30 watts
Active power in standby: 0.5 watts
Max. extension weight: 120 kg
Weight: 0.2kg
Mounting materials included: 3 pieces of wood screws 4 x 16 mm

Dimensions (L x W x H): 157 x 45 x 47 mm

Product Compatibility
CONVOY Centro with SoftSTOPP and SoftSTOPPplus
CONVOY Premio with SoftSTOPP and SoftSTOPPplus
DISPENSA-VVSx with SoftSTOPP and SoftSTOPPplus

The opening system is extremely easy to install and can be retrofitted for all cabinet widths!

Mounting front sensor:
Without adapter: pot hole / clip-on (mounting aid for pot hole included in delivery)
With adapter: screw on/snap on (3 wood screws 3.5 x 12 included in delivery)

Drive position:
CONVOY Centro: to the right of the guide rail
CONVOY Premio: opposite hinge side
DISPENSA-VVSx: to the right of the guide rail

Scope of delivery:
1x drive
1x front sensor
1x adapter for front sensor mounting
1x power cable with EU DIN plug (without decoration)’


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