eTouch electronic drivmotor for DISPENSA-VVS, CONVOY Premio pharmacy pull-outs / Kesseböhmer


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Kesseböhmer eTouch – the electronic door opener for the CONVOY Premio and DISPENSA tall cabinets

eTouch is the perfect automatic opening system from Kesseböhmer: a light tap on the handleless front is enough and the pull-out slides out. A sensor on the inside of the front measures the deformation of the surface due to contact. The sensor sends a radio signal to the motor and the contents of the cabinet are moved outwards. A freewheel function allows easy opening and closing even in the event of a power failure.

Safety is particularly important in an automated process: If the sensor senses resistance during movement, for example a small child or pet, this causes an immediate stop, this also applies to the inside of the front. A collision with a second cupboard installed at the corner is impossible, The sensors communicate with each other via radio.

The Kesseböhmer eTouch system does not require a switching path, so no distance is required between the front and the body. This proves to be a planning advantage when tall cabinets with different functionalities are placed next to each other. eTouch can also be easily used in cabinets with a sealing lip.

The opening system is extremely easy to install and can be retrofitted for all cabinet widths!

Drive features:
Mains connection on the device side: Euro 8 according to EN 60320/C8, 1.5 m cable black
Supply voltage: 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, min. 2 A
Rated power: 60 watts
Weight: 1.6kg
Max. extension weight: 120 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 333 x 68 x 77 mm

Product Compatibility:
DISPENSA-VVS with SoftStopp and SoftStopp Plus
CONVOY Premio with SoftStopp and SoftStopp Plus

Scope of delivery:
1 x drive and front sensor including assembly aid (template) 4 x chipboard screws 4.5 x 75 mm (without decoration)


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