Drilling jig for FREEspace flap fitting / Kesseböhmer


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Kesseböhmer drilling jig for flap fitting FREEspace

With the drilling template, holes can be easily pre-drilled on the body side parts and on the flap front. The drill holes must Ø 5 mm and 12 mm deep.

– For precise pre-drilling of the two body side parts and the flap front
– With metal bushings at the points for the drill holes
– With positioning pins for aligning the drilling template
– Explanation on the template
– Precise, easy-to-read labeling (body side parts = position S or front = position F)

Holes in the body side parts (position S):
1. Insert both position pins into the corresponding position (see picture)
2. Align the drilling template on the upper angle and the edge of the body.

Holes on the front (position F):
1. all three metal pins according to the desired door opening dimension. Insert it into the designated position (this is clearly explained on the template).
2. Align the drilling template at the two upper corners of the front.

Scope of delivery: 1 x drilling jig (without decoration)


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