TurnMotion II with ARENA Style Anthracite


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Perfect visibility in the food storage cabinet. All you need, fitted quickly! TurnMotion II is supplied ready for quick and secure installation.

In Arena style, anthracite, anthracite base, for a 60 cm larder unit.

Set of food storage cabinet rotating fittings, consists of: 2 trays with support arms, 2 mounting strips, incl. fastening screws

Original Kesseböhmer.

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TurnMotion II turns the unit contents to the front: each tray can be turned 360° so all four sides are fully visible and stored items can be found easily without clearing everything else out of the way. Ultra-practical, especially for units above the ergonomically accessible height or above built-in electrical appliances where space would otherwise be under-utilised. The trays also have stops on all four sides, making access easy. Their height can also be adjusted to suit the items being stored, making the best use of the space.

TurnMotion II is supplied ready for quick and secure installation. The intelligent simplicity of the concept is even reflected in the installation of the TurnMotion II. The mounting strips are simply screwed onto the carcase sides. This can be done either ahead of the carcase clamp or on site. The pre-mounted support arms of the trays are hooked into the strips without the use of tools. They can be retrofitted into any 60 cm larder unit. The TurnMotion II is supplied with wood screws for retrofitting or installation by a fitter on site.
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