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Organisation is the key: cookingAGENT

The clever pull-out for the well-organised cook keeps everything neatly arranged and ready for use.

Minimum dimensions of installation space (W x H x D in mm): 260 x 625 x 489

Original Kesseböhmer.

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May we present: your cookingAGENT. The simplest ideas are often the best! The cookingAGENT breaks the established norms in kitchen organisation. From crockery to crockery, cutlery to cutlery, honey to marmalade…. when you think how many cupboard doors you have to open just to set the table for breakfast! Your cookingAGENT puts an end to all that. Everything you need for breakfast, for instance, can be found in this one unit. Open one door – and you can reach everything for your breakfast in an instant.


Equally, you can fill the cookingAGENT ready to prepare your hot meals: sharp knives and chopping board, kitchen tongs, oils, vinegars, spices… let your cooking habits determine how you fill the unit!
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